Guerilla Warfare (Cat Style)


We have one sweet-heart kitty named Mitsy here (I didn’t name her) who loves to be around people. She especially seems to like me since I will pet her just about anytime she wants it. Normally, she is quite mature and sensible about it and only leaps up into my lap occasionally to extort her cuddling. However, there are days like today where she’ll leap up into your face and dangle herself in front of you in all sorts of poses to demand her fair hour of non-stop lovin’. She will drape herself over the monitor, perch on the back of the chair, and place herself on your lap with all claws extended until her just demands are met.

I just thought I would share this in case people started to wonder why every so often a claw mark appeared on a post or two.

You can just bet that was a day she thought I had not sufficiently complied.


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