Friday the 13th


O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!’ I chortled in my joy* It’s Friday the 13th and this day would not be complete without being paid homage to by Bright Creature.

Most people, I think, have at least some pale vestige of superstitious fancy left in their natures. It’s human nature after all…and western humans of late have taken to paying homage to this day of ill-fated fortune by worshiping it in films like Friday the 13th and in taking contrary/morbid delight in intentionally frightening themselves and others on this day.

Well, I’m no different, really, but my own particular way of sublimating my fears on this day is to contrarily celebrate the day as a day of good luck. All of you poor hapless creatures who are falling down stairs and bemoaning your piteous drop into the depths of horrendous fortune shall, on this day, give all of your luck to me!

..and if that doesn’t work..

Oh, well !

* Line shameless co-opted from Jabberwocky


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