Civil Liberty and The US


How do we know our government is a bad government?

When people begin to think and talk like this

What country is this? The president is claiming the right to keep his aides from testifying for Congress about the U.S. attorneys scandal; hundreds of men — according to a Seton Hall study, many of them innocent — are in legal limbo in Guantanamo Bay; U.S. agents are kidnapping people off the streets in Italy and Macedonia and `rendering’ them to be tortured; the president and his lawyers claim the executive has the right to call anyone — U.S. citizen or not — an `enemy combatant’ — and the person who should decide what that means is the President himself; civil rights organizations say peaceful citizens’ groups are being infiltrated and put under surveillance; and a new bill just made it easier, as Senator Patrick Leahy warned, for the president — any president of whatever party — to declare martial law.

She is calling in her post for a civil rights movement and for the record I join her in that call. To Bush; you’r not the ultimate “Decider.” That’s our job.


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