Selling My Vote


To the highest bidder!

Kidding kidding

However, I do consider my vote for sale. All anyone has to do to get my vote is run for election and convince me that they are good for the country and to us little folk in general.

“Wait,” you ask. “This is what most people do, isn’t it?”

Well, no. If you ask me, I would tell you that people usually grow up in a certain culture and adopt the politics of those people around them. So, they in effect become good little Democrats and good little Republicans and go around everywhere yelling and shouting each other down. They cry and whine when the other side scores a point and they cheer and stamp their feet in pleasure when their side makes a goal. What they do not do is try to understand issues on their own and they do not think of what would be good for the people around them in general.

Therefore, I would like to ask people that they should let those in government know that their votes are up for market. The currency is honesty, noble intentions, and effective results. My own vote goes to those that can demonstrate that they are on the side of the wee folk. Not the folk with the mansions. Not the folk with the stock options and the perks. I’m talking about the folk that need help and not the folks that can help themselves quite well already.

As it stands I am currently allied with the Democratic party. That party is where I see the most hope and I see the Republicans as acting frankly dangerously and destructively right now. The Republicans are doing the most damage to us wee folk right now so right now they aren’t doing so well toward buying my vote.

But, it’s still on the table, Republicans. Get your act together and compete with the Democrats and if your as effective at gaining my sort of currency as you are at making piles of cash for your rich supporters my priceless vote can be yours!

(Fine print: limited warrantee on vote applies consistent to how well you look after said “wee folk” after elected )


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