Snark Attack! *rawr*


Apparently Mitt Romney went to a state fair where, besides having such delicious entrees like fried twinkies, an Iraq Vet walked up to him and after shaking his hand started to ask him some questions.

The questions were; “When are we pulling out of Iraq.” “Isn’t this war like Vietnam.”? and before he could ask his third question (after dealing with the evasive answers of the first two questions) Mitt’s press secretary walked up and told Mr Romney that they were due for another appointment.

Mitt said basically, “Well, thanks. Bye.” to the Iraq war vet and just left without another word. The vet told reporters afterward that he thought Romney’s behavior was very rude.

Here’s a comment on this article (by Michael Scherer) in the Letter’s to The Editor’s

I don’t know

why that kid didn’t just volunteer for Mitt’s campaign, ‘stead of going all the way to Iraq.


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