The Real Problem With Socialism


Is that it’s called socialism. Note; it isn’t called “being good to your fellow creature.” To call it that would be to admit that you have common value with people that you wish to take money away from. If you call it socialism you can then lump it in with communism and be respectable while you froth and foam at the mouth and claim that any taxation on yourself represents the end of civilization.

So, no need for national health services. No need to take care of your fellow creature.. and you can make money off of them at the same time by making them pay high prices for prescriptions and very very high prices for the insurance that they have to pay (but often doesn’t pay out).

No insurance?

Well, that’s no problem. Just get another job and either get paid better or find one with an insurance plan because this isn’t a “socialist” state and everyone pays their way. After all, it’s not the fault of the rich that they find more and more ways of taking money out of their workers paychecks.



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