Fair and Not Fair


I get so busy with whatever else that I do during the day that I often forget to come here and share my thoughts with you. However, I do try to come often and leave something – anything- so that I can come back later and look over what I had thought in the past.

So, my little snippet of wisdom that “is not wisdom” for today is over fairness.

How often have we heard that “Life is not Fair”?

As a child you might come up to a parent and bawl “It’s not fair!” and then your superior in stature and in wisdom and all other things great and small in your day to day living tells you, “Well, dear, life just isn’t fair, is it?”

I just have to think what a crummy back-handed-assward message this is to teach kids. The US today is not fair. That’s why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. That’s why our newspapers slant the news and only give us part of the picture.

Guess what?

Life should be fair.

That’s the point of a democracy. It makes things fair. It helps to level the field so that the people who work hard have a good shot of getting rewarded for their efforts. That’s what democracy is about – fair. So, life IS fair (in a democracy)

get it?


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