Chaos Hawks


Josh Marshall links us into a post to Kevin Drum who points out that the Pro-War people in congress have entered their 3rd and least convincing stage to date. They were War Hawks, then they became Pottery Barn Hawks (we broke it we’ll fix it, ala Colin Powell), and now they are Chaos Hawks; things will just go to hell if we leave now.

After seeing this post and posts like this the feeling that I’m getting is that Iraq no longer exists except as a war theater. As things are now, The sectarian militias are fighting to determine what Iraq will become. My sincerest apologies go out to those Iraqis that wish and feel otherwise but that’s how I’m seeing it. Drop me a comment if you think otherwise.

My big clue here was in hearing that thousands of refugees are leaving the country. One of my favorite bloggers, Riverbend, is in another country now. I wish her the very best and I do hope she starts to write more now that she is in a safer place.


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