Kool-Aid Time


America is in a “restructuring” moment at present.

We have a lot of rich folk that wish to keep their money and we have a lot of folk that want to enforce their simplified world views on people (social conservatives). So, we have lack of health care and nothing in the way of decent social services or infrastructure. We get lack of net neutrality and corporations popping up everywhere to tell us what we can listen to, what we can do,
and who we can do. ^

It’s the age old phenomenon of technology outstripping social progress and at present the distance between the two is fixin’ to grab a huge can o’ whoop-ass on The USA and the world in general.

At the end of it all, if the globally warmed oceans haven’t swallowed us all, we’ll emerge in a new world created by new democracy movements. It has to happen. We live in an information age and the only way to progress in an information age is to be good with information (duh). We can’t do that if we’re trying to go back to a fake 50’s idea of social model (with a lot of laissez faire market practices).

Isn’t that a nice thought?


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