Rhetorical Questions


Just how dumb are the democrats? It seems like every time they near victory, defeat comes pelting across to backhand them into submission.

Honestly, it’s like watching an Elmer Fudd cartoon, starring Bugs Bunny as the Republicans “Shhhh, I’m hunting Wepubwicans, hah hah hah hah” where Bugs always seems to outwit Fudd by wearing zaney disguises and tapping him on the shoulder to make him look back (the wrong way).

This happens so often that I have to wonder – are they really that stupid or is there some tiny part of them that agrees with what the Republicans want? The facts are that all high level politicians are in bed with special interests to some extent. The only question is how far deep into the covers are they?

Stupid or complicit, Dems. Which is it? Neither looks too good for either you or us.

From the article:

As noted below, GOP Rep. Eric Cantor came up with a clever way of throwing a wrench into the FISA bill, which was scheduled to be voted on today and which is opposed by Republicans.

He threatened this afternoon to submit an amendment that would have mandated that nothing in the bill “shall be construed to prohibit the intelligence community from conducting surveillance needed to prevent Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaeda, or any other foreign terrorist organization…from attacking the United States or any United States person.”


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