The Lowdown on Mr Prostrate


This lazy Sunday (btw, remember to set your clocks back) The sad consensus around the house seems to be the coming election will be nasty. The fundy Republicans are backing Giuliani with all their pathetic might, which means that the same people who back Bush will back The Moron, part two.

Of course, it is already a given as to who the nominees will be going into next year and the house analysis seems to be that these are reactionary people backing Mr Prostrate so of course, and like all reactionaries, once they have power they will never give it up easily.

It all seems ridiculous that the upcoming election will be close, considering the unpopularity of Moron one, but there you have it, the press and certain unnamed elements of the house all agree that the next election will be close, dirty, and the fighting likely to continue well past the 2008 cycle.

Popcorn, anyone?


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