Dems Play Republican Enabler; Again


The Democratic front runners have all pelted for the doors in order to avoid voting on the Mukasey confirmation.

This poster on HuffPO had all the questions nicely arranged for us.

1. As political cover? They are not on recorded voting for or against the nomination; staying the middle course; non controversial; sitting on the fence post undisturbed?
2. Legitimate scheduling conflicts that they could not attend; surprised by the vote they did not have time to return to D.C.?
3. The vote was scheduled to exclude these presidential candidates; to make they look bad; a calculated strategy?
4. Other? (Dems and Repubs are really all part of the same club ” so the vote really was predetermined while allowing pseudo political posturing?)
5. Just plain old incompetence? Complacency? Arrogance? Spineless? SNAFU?- LDJeff

I want to see what’s going on in their political crystal balls. They have to know that they are looking like mighty prats in front of the world.. so what do they have to gain from abstaining?

Their donor’s contributions, perhaps?


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