On one of the forums I like to troll someone lambasted agnosticism for being a “tired and worn out claim.”

Ignoring such ideas as “strong” and “weak” agnosticism here are my thought’s on what agnosticism is in my life.


I consider myself an agnostic.

I don’t know if God exists, but I’m actively trying to find out if God does or does not..( and if he does exist how and it what form He/She/It / all the above, exists)

My mind is open. I just don’t know and I’m trying to do the necessary things in order to know.

I don’t see how that makes agnosticism a tired and worn out claim.

EDIT: agnosticism is not a claim, btw, it’s an admission that I don’t have enough information one way or the other to even have a claim in the first place.


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