The Good


Don’t we all consider murder to be wrong?

If that is wrong… and it holds true across all cultures .. then there must be an absolute good.

Maybe we could claim that in some cases it’s appropriate to murder, it might even be an act of good (like killing Hitler as a child if you KNEW what he was to grow up to become ). In that case the good is contextual.

My own opinion is that murder is always wrong, but often people must do wrong things to prevent even greater wrongs from happening. However, when we do wrong things they are always wrong and immoral to do them.

So, really there is an absolute Good (in my view) but there is life … full of conflict and complicated. The Good is really a set of guidelines that we all live by…. but can’t always keep up.

Aristotle sums up my views,really. Aristotle maintains in the Nichomachean Ethics that the good is found by maintaining a balance (of virtues). His Absolute Good was found in “The Golden Mean.” Too much bravery was recklessness… to little was cowardliness.. etc. and so forth. So, we must always strive to find that balance in life and use our reason to find out what is moral and what isn’t. That’s the absolute Good.


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