Obama’s Defining Moment


I so agree with this post it’s hard to begin.  Hank Paulson is ready to recieve 700 billion dollars -in non negotiable non oversightable- money.  It’s a transparent move to bail out the share holders, the criminals who made a mess of the financial system in the first place.

If Obama does not tell Reid and Pelosi to stop this bill, he will be reduced not just to clean-up duty for the Bush administration, which was always going to part of his job, but he will do that cleanup on Bush’s and Paulson’s terms. If Obama would prefer that ordinary Americans should also get some help, too bad. If Obama would prefer that bank CEOs who ran their companies into the ground should lose their jobs, too bad. If Obama thinks that reforming the financial system is necessary as a condition of bailing it out, too bad.

Where do you stand Obama? With them or with us?


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