Obama Defining Up Well


Of course, everything proves with time. Does he keep up the good work and does he follow through?    But, this week he gets all my digits up for his stand on the Hank Paulson “deal.”

No Blank Check: Paulson doesn’t get money without oversight or legal responsibility.

Must Be Regulatory Changes: The practices that caused the crisis have to be ended at the same time.

Taxpayers Need More than Consideration: If a huge bailout is to occur, it has to be done in the way that costs taxpayers the least possible.

No Bailout For Foreign Banks From US Money: Instead, all countries should work together to help everyone.

Ordinary People Get Help Too: It can’t just be a bailout for Hank’s friends, it has to help ordinary Americans too.

This is positive news.  Of course, the times ahead are going to be rocky no matter who is in charge, but with language like this we may at least hope for future progress – providing we all pull together.


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