The Nature of Evil Part Two


In my oline adventures at GAIA online I saw this interesting view on the nature of evil by a fellow denizen. I thought I would put up what she had to say here and give her credit for it.  

Now, like it says in the title, this is merely a theory. My own. I’m not here to argue and call names. I really just like a disscussion and debate. (A debate between intelligent people is different than an argument.)

ANYways. Here’s the thing. Me and a friend were discussing what the true root of evil would be. We talked and debated for around 3 – 4 hours straight and came up with this. (I don’t have it in any particular order, I’m simply typing it as I remember.) We wanted to define good and evil, but to do that we decided to define Evil first. To Define evil we needed to see what the root of evil was.

First off, Evil is a concept. Every idea and thought in this world is a concept. These concepts stem from our perception of reality. NOT Reality its self but our PERCEPTION of reality. An easier way to think of this is to imagine a forest. Each tree is a different concept. The soil that this tree grows from is our perception of reality. If you were to label each part of the tree, the largest part, the trunk, would be labeled EVIL. The branches that come from the tree are the many different Major forms of which evil takes. For example, one branch is the branch of Lust, and another is of Anger. Then you have all of the smaller branches coming of the main branches. These are the different forms of those specific evils. Example: From the main branch of lust, stems the branches of Rape, Adultry, Child Molestation, and more. From Anger you get the branches of Revenge, Hate, Murder, Fear, and so on. After the branches you have leaves. These leaves are the evil acts waiting to be committed. In other words, on the branch of rape there are many leaves waiting. When the leaf (Of Rape) falls from the branch, it signifies the act actually BEING committed. The leaf withering signifies our beliefs and standards about the act that was committed. The withered remains of the leaf then feed back into the soil which feeds the tree. This represents out Actions based on the act. (Even doing nothing is an action.)

Now the tree takes it’s nutrition from the soil with it’s roots. The roots are the only thing we have not defined. What my friend and I came up with was this. The root of evil is the “unnecessary desire for more.” You could merely call this greed but I believe that would be incorrect. Note I said the UNNECESSARY desire for more. Think about it. There is a man on the street and hasn’t hand any kind of food in a week. He’s starving. He wants more food than he has. That doesn’t sound to evil does it? That’s because it is a necessary desire for more. But the fat, rich man in his warm home, with all kinds of delicious food set in front of him wanting more than he has. That sounds a bit worse now doesn’t it? That’s because his desire for more is Unnecessary.

Let’s make a biblical example real quick. Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. It was a paradise. They had every single thing that anyone in the world could ever truly ask for. There was only one thing, one SIMPLE little thing they could not do. That was to eat the apple. They could have anything else they desired, even another apple that wasn’t from that tree, but because of Eve’s unnecessary desire for more than she had, she and Adam were thrown out of the Garden of Eden. Not that that was the first act of evil done in biblical terms, simply the first you here of. The FIRST one was Lucifer’s UNNECESSARY desire to be like God. He was a freaking angel, the most beautiful of all the angels no less. Yet he wanted more..

So there it is. My definition of evil is the unnecessary desire for more. Truthfully I have not yet broken down Good like this, but that’s one of the reasons I’m posting this. I want your opinions. Also, remember one thing. Yes, this definition of evil is a concept. But it is not the only concept of evil out there, I am merely going off of the most widely accepted concept of evil for this discussion’s purpose. The concept of evil and good are really defined by the majority of the society you live in.

By KawaiiSayakaChan


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