Age, Experience, and Qualification


So many people equate age and experience with qualification that I’m puzzled.  Most of the people I meet know that the three aren’t necessarily linked and yet so many people we hear about constantly use these terms like they are synonymous.

Living an extremely long life doesn’t automatically give you wise woman or wise man status.  Now, the chances of you gaining some wisdom along the way are much greater than they would be if you were only 13, but it is just chance. If you spend your life doing very little but chase after the opposite sex and make bad choices based on your libido, I would not expect to find that you are very wise.

Of course, the same is true of having a lot of experience. While it does make sense that being old does give you a lot of experience, simply having any experience with any vague subject also isn’t enough to admit you into the competency club. It has to be particular experience, relevant to the job that you’re trying to do.  Further, if the experience you have is the experience of consistently failing we can only say that you have experience at failing.

Hey now, that’s not to say that failing can’t teach you anything, but if you fail consistently in your endeavors we might safely assume that you aren’t learning much from those failures.

There! That’s all.  We all know this, but i think we all need a reminder, sometimes.


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