Our Addiction to Crack Finance


Ian Welsh has put up his opinion on the Paulson bail out bill not passing.  

Getting off the financial path, off the junkies fix of fake profits and loose money is going to hurt. Let no one tell you otherwise. Over the next few weeks and months we are going to hear a lot of screams that everything bad that happens (and bad things are going to happen) wouldn’t have happened if only the American Plutocracy Act (aka the bailout bill) had passed. As with withdrawal from a deadly addiction, this is true to an extent. Stop taking heroin and the withdrawal effects may make you wish you were dead, and claw for another hit to make them stop. But going back on the drug isn’t the solution to it nearly killing you.

He makes a very interesting metaphor, in that he calls us addicted to finance in much the same way a junky gets hooked to his drug of choice. (I added the boldface)


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