The VP Debates


Pailin came off dynamic, aggressive,and without any major gaffs that I think the media will pick up on.  She exceeded many peoples expectations. She also came off, to me, as a bit of a nasty piece of work with all of her snide remarks at Biden’s expense.   Biden came off as genial, knowledgeable and human – willing to work with people. He had a couple very strong moments.

The version of the night that wins is going to be won in the spin wars on TV. Which meme will be carried forward; Pailin’s exceeded expectations or Biden’s geniality and strong closing remarks?


I’m tasting the kool-aid with these analysis of the debate. Biden won on likeability AND on the fact that he consistently attacked the oppositions presidential contender, McCain,which forced Pailin to go somewhat on the defensive.

From TalkingPoints Memo and Fire Dog Lake

Of course, all this means nothing without the American public reaction. However, so far it’s so far so good on that score.

UPDATE on the UPDATE: If you go to that last link I gave it has an update as well that points out that tonights debate probably wont have much traction either way. Worth checking out.


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