The Shape of The McCain Presidential Bid


The NY Times Frank Rich put up what I considered an interesting piece today concerning McCain’s presidential campaign woes.

Here’s a snip I found very interesting and very telling;

This was first apparent when Palin extolled a “small town” vice president as a hero in her convention speech — and cited not one of the many Republican vice presidents who fit that bill but, bizarrely, Harry Truman, a Democrat who succeeded a president who died in office. A few weeks later came Charlie Gibson’s question about whether she thought she was “experienced enough” and “ready” when McCain invited her to join his ticket. Palin replied that she didn’t “hesitate” and didn’t “even blink” — a response that seemed jarring for its lack of any human modesty, even false modesty.

Also this;

But the debate’s most telling passage arrived when Biden welled up in recounting his days as a single father after his first wife and one of his children were killed in a car crash. Palin’s perky response — she immediately started selling McCain as a “consummate maverick” again — was as emotionally disconnected as Michael Dukakis’s notoriously cerebral answer to the hypothetical 1988 debate question about his wife being “raped and murdered.” If, as some feel, Obama is cool, Palin is ice cold. She didn’t even acknowledge Biden’s devastating personal history.


2 Responses to “The Shape of The McCain Presidential Bid”

  1. 1 ken

    her ambition is bigger than her humanity. I wonder what kind of relationship she has with her husband.

  2. 2 faeyin

    I cannot say for certain, but I do know that there are rumors of his being the “shadow-governor” of Alaska. There’s that thing Pailin and Tod have with the Alaskan Independence Party, also.

    He may be a very hands-on kind of spouse.

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