Democracy Starts Now


I’ve been reading over Obama’s grass roots campaign and ‘gee howdy’ you have ta color me impressed.  I’ve understood since the primaries that he was following an unusual ‘bottom up’ strategy, but the more I learn of it the more I’m wowed and truly optimistic concerning the future of our world. The greater our community is involved, the stronger our democracy is.

-providing it’s not too late and the planet takes it’s revenge on us with global warming domino effects and dinos us into an early extinction. 

It rarely pays to be too too rainbows and lolipops optimistic, after all.


2 Responses to “Democracy Starts Now”

  1. 1 reyhn

    It’s not too late until the ice in your iced tea boils once it hits the bottom of the glass. Then I’ll worry.

  2. 2 faeyin

    By then worrying will be a thing of the past! Worry is So passe

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