Die, Liberal!


For the record, I don’t consider myself liberal.  Not really.  I don’t believe in just handing out labels indiscriminately that serve to put me into linguistic strait jackets. If I think something is right, that’s what I act on (or hopefully act on).   

Maybe many people will look at my choices and decide that my thoughts and my actions make me a liberal. If so, that’s OK.  But if they bother to ask ME I’ll deny my liberality with my last  dying breath – and I’ll wheeze on them to drive home the point.

We’re people, right? We’re not ideologies. 

This was from a comment that I made to a dear friend. It’s odd how sometimes I love the things that I write in comments while I could care less about so much of the things i write to actually post up here.  So, why waste stuff I love?  


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