Metaphysical Politics


Obama isn’t even in office yet and we’re already seeing signs of hand wringing “what-if” analysis of what Obama could and should do.   Right now we need to get the best qualified individual into the White House. Period.

As two major developments become increasingly likely – a Democratic presidential victory on November 4 and a sustained economic crisis – Barack Obama faces a difficult choice: does he begin now to prepare the electorate for tough times, or does he continue to maintain a politically contrived optimism on the assumption that he can shift gears after election day.The short-term incentives are all on the side of maintaining a happy face: As things stand, Obama keeps moving ahead in the polls, winning debates and expanding his hold on battleground states. Why junk a winner?

Conversely, Obama and his aides have to calculate how the rhetoric of his campaign will influence his ability to govern. On this score, there is wide disagreement, with political scientists, strategists and political analysts – in responses given to the Huffington Post – all over the map.

1. Does Obama have to do everything and literally be “The One”? Or do we actually take some responsibility ourselves and ask the congress do do the same?

2. Before we get into political metaphysical speculation let’s get the Obama and Biden in the White House first, hmmmnn?  People are going to realize that this election isn’t strictly reality. They are voting on who they think is competent, not for each issue down the line. We don’t have to have each policy engraved in stone and letter perfect. We are not all uberwonks. Repeat after me.

3. Democrats love to do this. They are forever hand wringing and second guessing and they need to calm down and take deep breathes. Everyone knows Obama will have to tack into the political winds. It’s a given and we are just going to have to realize, as astounding as Obama’s team has been, that Obama isn’t actually “The One” and will need time to adjust to office.

As citizens it’s our duty to help give give the new White House team that time. It’s our country. Not the presidents. Ours.

He’s already got a transition team and they are already doign their jobs Let’s let them and trust the man – and take a hand in things ourselves so hes not the only one working for us.


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