Two Kinds of Economic Problem


OK.  This is pretty note worthy. I know that I have been wondering why the little guys aren’t getting bail-outs like wall-street.  Why are they so special?

Well, Krugman begins to explain that in this latest blog post of his.  By the way. I’ve got Krugman RSS linked at the side of my blog now.  He really does make economics easy for a moron like me to understand.  

The parts I get anyway 

One thing I’ve been asked is why I’m not writing more about relief for homeowners and other kinds of bottom-up aid to the economy. Probably I should be saying more. But in defense, let me say that there are two kinds of economic problem right now.

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On a lighter side, when he says that “There are two kinds of problem” It reminds me of what the little Kuma (Bear) says so often at the beginning on an anime called World Destruction.  “There are two types of hero!.” “There are two types of courage!” “There are two types of bear!”  

Anyway, I’m sure you get the picture.


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