Dangerous Times


Call me naive or whatever you want, but i never really imagined that McCain would take things this far or believed that people would be so stupid in this day and age to blindly be manipulated like this. This is proof positive of P.T. Barnum’s saying “There’s a sucker born ever minute.”

The fury and loathing of Obama being whipped up largely by McCain-Palin-GOP rhetoric about the Illinois Senator is now spilling into down-ticket races, specifically the battle between GOP incumbent Saxby Chambliss and his Dem challenger:

Thursday’s debate took place in front of a highly partisan crowd in the GOP stronghold of Middle Georgia.Chambliss supporters waved “Saxby” signs and offered up a sustained “boos” when Martin mentioned Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama.

“Bomb Obama,” one woman hollered.

This isn’t a McCain rally, to be sure. But McCain could definitely have an impact on the overall climate if he called on the McCainiacs to calm down a notch or two and made a public gesture of some kind in order to let it be known that some behavior is simply unacceptable.

Asking the McCain campaign to stop insinuating that Obama is a terrorist is probably a bit much to expect. But as the leader of the Republican Party right now, he could let it be known that there is a line somewhere that shouldn’t be crossed. Of course, that would require him to show leadership.

This has become something out of a morality play,with Obama playing Everyman.


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