Irony Blind


Cruising the New York Times sports area area, I came across a post that reported Sarah Pailin getting booed at a recent hockey match she had attended.. throwing out the first “puck” or something, I guess.  In the comments, some Pailin supporters were expressing their “shock” over the “hypocrisy” shown by the decidedly anti-Pailin crowd.

“You liberals! You rail and rail at our FEISTY rallies and yet you dared BOO!”

I had to shiver and shake my head. They were comparing people showing a harmless sign of disfavor to people yelling out “terrorist” or “off with his head” or “Obama is an Arab” or “I’m MAD the socialists are taking over!”  The irony here is that the commenters could not see how hypocritical they sounded for comparing booing with hate speech.

I apologize for not having the link. It’s been a while since I saw it today and I do not remember where exactly it was besides at the New York Times site. I’ll just hope that i’ve got some honesty collateral 🙂 But, honestly, It was just deafening BOOs (with loud music to try to cover it up)

UPDATE: Here tis.  oh it was only a new york times BLOG i wonder what the difference is?  Can i get one? Let’s try to find another non NYT BLOG link…. and JUST for balance is this here Sarah Pailin Smarm Site where the author claims that it was a radio station that called in requests for the fans to boo Pailin..  but most of them valliantly refused to participate and gave her a warm reception.  …   I dunno.  Even over that loud music I could have sworn I heard a ton of warm, heart-felt boos… but meh, I wasn’t there. You be the judge!

Now, what got me at first, after the first rumble of the crowds, was how darn loud the music was. Do people have to bring ear plugs to these things?  I swear, if i were there my ears would have been ringing afterwards.  Beyond that, another fun thing to do is to observe what the fans are doing with their hands.  Some are clapping rather ritualistically..while others are..well, giving the scary gesture that a Roman Caeser would have given when he didn’t like a performance at a gladiatorial contest.


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