God As Bully


All the Buddhists, Muslims, and Hindus, etc, are praying for an Obama win because then it will mean that their god is “bigger” than the Christian god.

Well, as a Buddhist influenced individual I have to point out that, at least in Buddhism, their IS no god (not in my flavor anyway) so it hardly applies.  But, what is very notable is that this is coached in terms of a fear that these people have.  It’s important to them that their god be the biggest on the block… or at least not wimpier than all the other “gods.”

In my opinion, this is a revealing moment – in an immature “my daddy is tougher than yours” kind of way.

UPDATE:  What is up with the two guards?  Since when do preachers get their own soldiers? Maybe all the little gods wanna slap that guy off the stage or something.

Correction:  4 honor guards


One Response to “God As Bully”

  1. 1 Rick B

    “Since when do preachers get their own soldiers?”

    Anytime you have a theocratic religious leader over general society he will have his own soldiers or police. That’s the reason the culture of the English-speaking peoples have separated Church and State.

    There is NO religious leader who can be trusted to control police, military or judicial power. The result is invariably theocratic authoritarianism, followed by armed revolution.

    It always happens. The only question is how long it takes.

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