In A Line; Overlooking The Sea


The neocons perch on the rails of the Titanic, clean their whiskers and make their final tearful goodbyes to the first class compartments.

Vote for Obama

McCain lacks the character and temperament to be president. And Palin is simply a disgrace.

It therefore seems to me that the Republican Party has invited not just defeat but discredit this year, and that both its nominees for the highest offices in the land should be decisively repudiated, along with any senators, congressmen, and governors who endorse them.

I’m thinking that the neo-con movement is dead.


2 Responses to “In A Line; Overlooking The Sea”

  1. 1 reyhn

    It’s not dead…! It’s.. it’s just sleeping!

    Yeah, okay, it burst into flames, imploded on itself the committed suicide five times simultaneously.

  2. 2 faeyin

    lol , you NUT!

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