Voter Registration War


There’s been struggle for voter participation lately, especially in Ohio and Florida. Fortunately, the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of voters in Ohio.   I wonder if people could will consider me shrill if I point out that stuff like this is why people think that the Republicans are the bad guys?

Maybe I shouldn’t be calling people “bad guys,” really, but I do think it should be stressed that these are bad guy acts. Also, the  people who are actively trying to disenfranchise have only to stop what they are doing to be good people once again.




Common Dreams

Democratic Underground (in a link he shows how vote disenfranchisment contributed to the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections)

We all know this isn’t right. However, allow me to beat the dead horse in order to draw out how I think these acts should be regarded. If they can’t win honestly, they cheat.  Right?  How do they cheat; by taking away people’s right to participate in their government and, by extension, the society they live in.  Question: what does this make these cheaters in regards to a country that is a representative democracy?

It makes them anti-democratic.  They have proven it through their actions.

Dead horse beaten.


Paul Krugman put up an interesting blog concerning an attempt to influence the In-trade odds into McCain’s favor by an “Institutional Investor.”   This pretty much bears out what I’m trying to say here about gaming democracy in general, so here is the post.


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