Tire Swinging at TPM


Talkingpointsmemo is probably  my favorite poly site. Well, I’ve just gotten a rationalization for this as Lila Shapiro defines “tire swinging” for us.

Meghan McCain: “It was a really fun experience…. Everybody really relaxed. It was fun to kind of see big journalistic figures, like Holly Baily swinging on the tire swing and Jon Martin helping my dad grill ribs.”

That does sound fun. It also sounds a little weird. As reader TP noted, in August, “I knew things were different in DC but this is like finding out your sister in the big city who seems to date a lot is actually a streetwalker. In response I hereby coin the term “Swinging on the Tire” to describe a reporter who has gotten way too cozy with a politician and has had their supposed objectivity affected.” Hence, our use of the term throughout this campaign season. …


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