A Person’s Skein


Philosophically speaking people have argued over fate versus free will since at least Plato’s day, and just to be clear I’m on the free will side. On the whole.

However, somedays it strikes me just how much certain people seem to be locked up in events that seem to carry them to whereever they are going. Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, wars, and economic upheaval, all serve to limit their freedoms. If they are wise they float like leaves along the currents of history, their freewill limited to paddling, steering, a course toward a preferable outcome rather than fulfilling a totally preplanned scheme of their own making.

Maybe the freedom vs freewill debate is not an either or conversation. It in itself is phrased like a choice; pick freewill or pick fate (the question itself seems to skew heavily toward freewill.  Pick free will or fate..uhhh i’ll have a helping of freewill THANKS, especially since i have to choose in the first place). However, the reality of it might be that we all have choices to make within an uncertain, unpredicatible world. It often buffets us with scenarios that create a set of choices for us. We must choose .. but we choose within bounds that are set on us by whatever reality it is that acts on us at any given moment.

It’s not free will vs fate and it never was. It’s the choices that we make with whatever has been given to us.


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