Obama City for Obama


Omg …

So, cute.

Make it stop !

The fishing village of Obama, Japan has it bad for Barack. The local ‘Obama Girls’ specialize in hula dancing to honor his birthplace. The town sells Obama chopsticks and Obama red bean cakes and ‘Obamaburgers’ made of fish. The streets are lined with Obama banners. Villagers gather to watch Obama campaign coverage on TV. Obama Girls backup dancer Saturo Wada “would like to dance with him, together” and hotel owner Seiji Fujihara, who has organized an Obama support group, plans “to visit the White House when the ceremony is held to inaugurate this President.”

Check out the link, above. They have a slideshow!


2 Responses to “Obama City for Obama”

  1. 1 ken

    There’s no one as Irish as Barack O’bama!

  2. 2 faeyin

    I had heard of this one! Thanks for the link 🙂

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