Specious Reasoning Award 2008: Frank Ludtz


Running up to the election, the pundit class is beginning to fall over themselves with some very plausible and yet dubious reasons as to why McCain is losing the election. However, out of all these pundits, I give Frank Ludtz the prize for specious reasoning  as he gives an interview to BBC radio.

Of all the factors involved in Obama winning this election – an amazingly organized campaign, a huge popular groundswell in registration, the fact that Obama never makes mistakes and McCain makes at least one.  every . single . day, a hugely unpopular president of McCain’s own party in office, and the economy tanking in a critical period in the election cycle – the one thing Ludtz focuses on is, of course, the economy tanking.

Of course that’s why his man is losing. It’s not for all those other pesky facts. He’s losing through no fault of his own, despite his being the worst candidate I’ve ever seen in my short life.

Naturally, I’m sure there’s quite a few runner-ups to Mr Ludtz’s grasping at straws. In the middle of the Sunday talking heads shows, I happened to see a pundit woman giving her expert opinion that McCain was losing because of a “reverse Bradley effect.” You know the effect – that one that was supposed to put Obama six points behind McCain, not the other way ’round.


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