Electoral Sunununamis and Doc Martins


I will revise this post, but just to get something up quick; I have to say that as I worked the polls, I should have worn Doctor Sholls and not Doctor Martins. Ouch.

More when I’m conscious !

* Well, I’m now conscious and I can definitely make free to dance around with my terrier with glee over the fact that we’ve carried the day.  Yay!  It’s a huge moment in American history and the pundits and the historians are going to be all over themselves trying to tell us how we should think and what we should make of it. However we think of it, we should think for ourselves and take what the bobble heads on TV say with a grain of salt.

Still, the tears of joy I saw around the world on my TV were real. People are happy and, yes, I count myself as a member of people (that set of people anyway).

Now, I can aim my blog more toward philosophy and more personal things. It will be less national politics and more theory and personal politics. Still, politics, though – yes.

Whoever tells us that they don’t believe in politics either has no clue as to how the world works or is trying to sell us a bridge in Alaska.

One last thing: John McCain’s concession speech was marvelous. I do wish he could have displayed that side of himself on the trail, instead of his cynical pander to the right. Even if he had won I wouldn’t have minded as much because I would have known that we were still in decent hands. But he pandered, Barack won, and that is that.


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