The Word, God


Is God ok with the word God?

I know that in the past it wasn’t considered respectful to put a name to God, and frankly I can imagine why.  God as a concept defies definition and it just seems that to put a name to God is placing a limit on what should be a potentially limitless mystery.

I’ve never heard of anyone ever speaking to God and asking her what her name was. It also seems as if it’s such a bland and impersonal name for such an intimate and personal God (in the charismatic believer’s faith, anyway) and not a name that I’d ever choose if I were God, which I’m not. At least, I’m not God according to Christianity. I definitely am God according to the Eastern philosophies that I use in my spiritual pursuits. Oh. You’re God, too, by the way.

So the definition of God differs from culture to culture and individual to individual. It’s at once something intimate and impersonal and utterly inexplicable. Yet, we name God and bandy about that name like it were a solid thing in front of us.

Imagined Conversation

“You’re a god, right? What do you call yourself?”

In a suspicious voice, “God.”

“Oh. Mmm.” Nods, and faintly smiles politely. “Original.”


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