My Ten Things


This is a list a friend of mine, Susanita, has asked of me.  It’s some parts boring, some parts interesting, and other parts hippy hippy fru fru, and perhaps scary on top of that. Eh, what do we do?

1. I’m Intersexed with AIS (a google challenge!)

2. I’m Susanita’s furieeeend (cheapness award contestant)

3. I’m a Capricorn in the Western zodiac and a Horse (fire) in the Eastern (earth signs in both zodiacs..eep)

4. I look to Suze for half my musical listening

5. I’m a devout (but not yet accomplished) Zen practitioner

6. I love musicals and romantic comedies and Tom Hanks and Viggo Mortenson, and Kate Blanchett, and … and …  well … Les Miserables best of the musicals
I have my own blog *blatant plug*

7. I’m a fantasy-a-holic, especially concerning faeries, sidhe,  gremlins, boggarts, or just about anything from either the Seelie OR the Unseelie Court

8. After I meditate I’m very precognitive and I can pet squirrels

9. Animals seem to like me

10. I believe everyone should develop and think through their own philosophy. They should learn from the past but make their own path

Oops, that was 11.. i missed the count on one of them.. try to spot which one!


2 Responses to “My Ten Things”

  1. 1 Sus

    You have two 6’s but that’s okay * hugs *

  2. 2 faeyin

    I saw that earlier and instead of correcting it i made a game of it 🙂

    “Oops, that was 11.. i missed the count on one of them.. try to spot which one!”

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