What I Would Do


If I were Obama and his team, I would pretty much try to make the government as much like Clinton’s as possible and then use that as a template to improve off from.

Clinton’s  government, flawed as it was, worked. He has tons of Clintonistas on hand that have experience in governing and my guess it that the very easiest thing for Obama to do to help fix the mess that Bush and the conservatives did woiuld be to quickly reconstruct much of Clinton’s operating procedures and policies.

Now, this is the 21st century, and not the 20th, so we need something new and not just Clinton 2. So, I reiterate that what he may do would be to create a template with Clinton’s old staff before creating something unique.

More on this later as I put my thinking cap on.


2 Responses to “What I Would Do”

  1. 1 ken

    So far, he has appointed a few Clintonistas, but I think Obama is looking further back to the Lincoln model.

  2. 2 faeyin

    I hope so. Im not a fan of having so many clinton people back in charge of the economy when we need different

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