The Buddha Boy


I found this great posting today over a boy in Nepal that many think is the Buddha, reincarnated.  I don’t think it’s relevant to speculate on whether the boy really is the Buddha.  What I feel that is special here is that he is so committed to enlightenment that he has the force of spirit/mind to sit for as long as he does (I believe for as long as a year in one case).

Like i said, it’s not important as to whether he is the Buddha or not, because Siddhartha himself told us that we’re all Buddhas. The only thing that truly matters is how 1. we can experience an awakening for ourselves, and 2. how we can help others along their individual paths.

Exactly how people are Buddhas, and which Buddhas they are, is like discussing a preference for a certain kind of ice-cream. It’s highly personal and depends on what we believe … and belief is not exploring the path, it’s getting fixated on a spot along that path.


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