Universal Health Cabinet Post


Obama looks like he’ll likely tap Sen. Tom Daschle as head of Health and Human Services Secretary, a new post unless I’m mistaken and ignorant.  This is a great sign, and I hope something comes of it.


One Response to “Universal Health Cabinet Post”

  1. The Health and Human Services Department has existed since the Department of Education was stripped out of the older Department of Health, Education and Welfare in 1979. What’s new is the proposal to also make Daschle the Health Insurance Czar in the White House in addition to the position of Secretary of HHS.

    That means that in addition to his own operational domain at HHS, Daschel will also have the power to coordinate all health insurance activities in the federal government which are involved in the process of creating universal health coverage.

    At a guess I’d say it was the equivalent of someone having simultaneously both the portfolios of Secretary of the Department of Defense and that of the National Security Adviser to the President in the White House. It certainly sends a clear signal that Obama intends to move quickly on his promise to institute universal health care in America.

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