World of Warcraft, Noeeeeeess


I admit it!

I play World of Warcraft.  I’m that sad/geeky/nerdy/fill-in-expletive-here. But, I have a saving grace in that I only play in spurts, whenever anything new comes out (Ya, that’s right, i never inhale world of warcraft).

So, wow (warcraft’s abreviation) came out with the Wrath of the Lich King expansion recently, so of course I’m exploring all the new neat things and consequently blogging less. This shall pass!  In fact, I’m already getting to the point where the newness is wearing off and I’m beginning to come up and pay attention to the world again.

Wow really should consider itself lucky that it can be run under ubuntulinux. If it were only  windows playable I’d never play it at all.


3 Responses to “World of Warcraft, Noeeeeeess”

  1. 1 Sus

    Are you a night elf mohawk, or a mage, or the prince of darkness? I think I’m missing one of the celebrity commercials, but obviously I can’t remember which one.

  2. 2 faeyin

    night elf druid and gnome rogue 🙂

    they have

    night elf

    on the “alliance” side and

    blood elf

    on the ‘horde” side.

    I love gnomes

  3. 3 ken

    I’ve never played an MMO before zOMG.
    I am enjoying it, but I’m sure it’s not as awesome as WOW.

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