Happiness Project


Via huffington post, I found this interesting writer from this post on will power and being happy.

Here’s a little snippet;

…Relying on will power is very hard – so whenever possible, I abandon it. Instead of resisting temptation, I avoid it entirely.

Studies indicate that we have a limited amount of self-control, and it can be depleted. If you use a lot of self-control at work to resist the urge to yell at a co-worker, it might be harder to push yourself to go for a run when you get home. …

Basically, don’t put ourselves in situations that cause us to behave in undesirable manners. We should put ourselves into situations that bring out the best in us.

Don’t go out with the rogues and the partiers because they are fun. Go with the boring but angelic choir boys and learn to have fun in healthier ways (and live longer).


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