The Neo-Hooverism Wars


This is as reposting from a snarky comment I left on Matt Yglessia’s blog at think progress . org. Yess.. i know that it’s mean but it just seemed to me that Matt was goign over board on the prima Donna “i came up with it first” whine over who coined “Republican Neo-Hooverism” first

Me –

Let’s look at this logically.   The Republicans are committing similar stupidities to the people known as Hooverites. However, these people are not the original Hooverites, they are revised, contemporary, versions.  You might say that they are “new” fact, NEO Hooverites. Providing that people are looking in the right places, it does not strain credulity to suppose that more than one blogger in the blogosphere could come up with that term, right?

Now, who are these people? They are Republicans. Hence, they are Republican Neo-Hooverites.

Forgive the toxic doses of sarcasm, but this does seem like a pretty small thing to complain about. It took you, what, a whole instant to “invent” the new term?

See you at the patent office.


PS.  Josh Marshal was really decent about it and credited it back to Mr Yglesias.


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