Obama’s Haste


Yesterday, I saw a piece or two posted up on the web castigating Obama for not doing more that he has.  They know he said there’s only one president but the times are so great that Obama just has to put himself out in front more etc

My take on this is that, yes times are bad and likely to get worse, but we have to give the man time to get his affairs in order.  If he’s forced to start “presidentin'” before he’s had time to fully organize and concentrate on getting the best team he can, he will not have had time to fully put his own stamp of competence on his administration.

Sometime after January, the country is totally on his watch.  He has to be ready and every staff decision, ever policy decision he makes will be needed almost immediately. Desn’t it make sense that he’s had some time to wrap his mind around how he will govern before he’s thown to the wolves?


2 Responses to “Obama’s Haste”

  1. 1 Sus

    I’m glad he retained Gates. Shrillary at State we shall see.

    Now we just need to know what puppy the girls will get and who Michelle will wear to the balls.

  2. 2 ken

    He’s not the president until January 20. He can’t do any “presidenting” until then, whether we want him to or not.

    By all accounts, he’s doing more to prepare than any president-elect in history.

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