Don’t You Hate It


When parents might be right?

Today, the inside handle of his pick-up broke loose in my hand when I was borrowing it. Afterwards, I went to him and tried to explain what happened and he told me that “he knew it was already broken” while I kept trying to explain NO it was MORE broken.   Once i had successfully told him, it was “Oh, dang, I hate that” and he didn’t even try to take my head off for it. He didn’t even go for a nick.  The only problem we had was in communicating what the level of ‘broke’ the thing was.

Lately, I’ve been having much fewer fights with my father, who I used to fight with like cats and dogs for years.  So, I’ve lately been having dangerous thoughts … is there something in me or something in him that’s changed, and which is more likely?

Never!  Don’t go there!

Parents. Are.  Always. Wrong.


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