Fighting Against Saints


The fights against Sebelius’ nomination, Franken’s congressional seat, and about anything the Democrats are standing for proves one thing; common Americans everywhere are fighting against saints.   Sebelius is no good for health because she’s accused of being anti-abortion. Franken is no good because his election was too close, he’s a liberal, and frankly, he’s not  a Republican. All of the policies the Republicans are saying no to are not policies they approve of, therefore, by definition, they are wrong and should be fought against with every fiber of their being.

There is no such thing as taking a step back to think about the past. It’s all or nothing and if the Republicans don’t fight bitterly against every retraction of their legacy, they will lose and never gain it back.

So, it’s Holy War, and damn the consequences.  Burn every bridge.  Spend every dime of political capital. Alienate all allies. Just stall and pray that the people will blame the Democrats for their inability to act.


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