All May Not Be Roses


Signs that the economy may be recovering may have to be viewed with a little with-held judgement. OK, the stock market seems to be rallying, and the stress tests weren’t devastatingly horrible.. but as Krugman and Arianna Huffington point out, those tests were not the most exacting of beasts.  Also, how many times now have we been ropadoped?

“Everything is fine,” we’re told. Our economy is fundamentally sound. Then right after that (and in some cases during), all hell breaks loose and busineses fail.

Well, Spain’s unemployment figures are 17 percent and now we’re havign to worry about the health of the credit card industry, which as everyone knows is linked to the banks.  That’s right, the banks aren’t in the clear yet, and neither are the rest of us.

When do we get to take the banker’s toys away from them?


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