Krugman Positive About Healthcare


Krugman posted an article in the NYT in which he was mostly positive about the direction the healthcare debate was taking.  I will link the thing here and let you read it for yourself, but Krugman being positive is in itself positive news, from my perspective.

He is one of the most skeptical (for good reason) people in the press today. For him to say this is a good first step is very comforting to me.  To be sure, he give us a lot of cautions and warns us that this could easily go down the wrong path (again, for good reason), but his initial good will alone makes it worth my while to put his link up here.

The healthcare issue is vital and I’m not sure if people realize how much so it is.  I do not think democracy can thrive where people are suffering – and the system we have now is so broken that if it’s not fixed soon I’m not sure how much longer we can call ourselves a Republic and keep a straight face.


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