Philosophy of Cooking and Cleaning


One way to be guided through life is by drawing on analogies. One of my favorites is that of cooking and cleaning. So, when some people ask me why I like cooking and cleaning, I tell them that I like doing those things because cooking and cleaning are creative processes.

When I’m cooking I’m drawing upon gathered materials. I make sure that I have what I need with me and I make sure that each ingredient is the best quality I can affordably acquire. Then I make art with what I have and refine as the cooking process goes on.

Cleaning is no less creative. Where there was once the stages of life as represented by cooking now the cycle of death must hold sway and all the debris must be cleared away and re-ordered so that life might begin anew another time.

I also use this model as an analogy in other parts of my life (it’s new to me but now i have it!).  When I write, I think of cooking and cleaning. When I exercise, likewise.

Oh, yes, even when I’m on the job.


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