Bono’s List About Elvis


Bono calls this a poem

That’s fine with me.  It gives me hope for the rest of us aspirers that a song writer of this level of fame can produce something so questionable.

Bono … is most likely the guy my college poetry professor would call “talented.”  When we came into class, we would all be expected to read our poems out loud. Our prof would then coo over the talented people and let all the other ‘also-rans’ sit back in their seats to pass into obscurity. After our readings,  much of his class would be waxing eloquent concerning the “talenteds” efforts

I hated that guy.

It’s true, I wasn’t a good writer.  But this was a prof that believed that you either “had it” or didn’t.  There was no way you could develop, and he said as much to everyone.   You were either gifted or you were wasting everyone’s time.

So, keep it up Bono.  OK.  Your poem really really sucks, but keep working your stuff.


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